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Expertea provides a wide range of accounting, audit and advisory services.

Accounting services

Whether you are starting a new business or taking over a company, President or manager of non-profit organisation, individual sole practitioner, manager of a subsidiary, accounting manager or financial controller, Expertea provides assistance to prepare and monitor reliable accounting and financial information. Expertea also provides support in project management

We provide high quality standards and appropriate adaptability to each situation for all our services

Our accounting services covers the following areas:

Accounting books preparation or review

We can both perform or review your bookkeeping, prepare periodical reportings (monthly, quarterly, biannual…) and annual accounts.

Tax and social

We prepare payslips, manage all payroll services and related tax and social returns. We also provide supporting assistance in case of controls from tax and social authorities.

Interim accounting and financial management and operational financial advisory

We can assist company financial departments in the following areas:
Replacing employees temporarily away (temporary vacant position) in accounting and financial departments
Support in preparation of annual statutory or consolidated financial statements.
Monitoring or participating in operational Information System projects implementation
Building process and dashboard to automatise and monitor accounting treatment
Performing management controls and creating tools to monitor and assess operational performance.
Managing accounting, tax and legal issues in merger, carve out and acquisitions operations.


Preparation of consolidated account and coordination with statutory auditors if required.


We can manage all operations related to creation or transformation of companies, provide analysis and advisory services on anticipated legal structuring operation and perform all administrative and legal documentation for legal annual accounts approval.


Most of our team members have priori experience in Big 4 audit firms and can operate on all of the following fields:

Statutory audit

We provide opinion on your statutory financial statements and confirm that they give a true and fair view of the assets and liabilities and the results of its operations for the related period ended.
Based on our large experience in statutory audits we can perform audit for all sizes of companies operating in all industries.

Non statutory audit

Our scope of action is very broad in this area.
We can provide professional audit services for shareholders or third parties to audit and assess the fairness and accuracy of any accounting or financial aggregate such as covenant or earn-out.


Our clients’ requests being often complex, we aim to provide appropriate and relevant answers involving our technical expertise.

Our advisory services offer covers the following areas :

Transaction Advisory Services (TAS)

We can provide assistance at all steps of your acquisition project.
– Before the acquisition, on the terms of purchase offer (SPA, earn out, business plan, etc…)
– During the acquisition, on financial due diligence
– After the acquisition, to manage the monitoring process of financial performance of the acquisition, to perform purchase price allocation, earn out valuation or implement impairment test.

Valuation, Merger and Acquisition

Expertea provides assistance in financial valuation for transactions, merger and contribution statutory audit (contribution in kind, partial transfer of asset, merger, carve out, benefit allocation in kind) or any other valuation issue.
We also offer independent valuation services assessment for capital market operations or private transactions (transfer of business, legal restructuring, valuation of private company share hold by mutual fund in employee saving scheme, exit tax or litigation in any industry)
Cyril Vernier is accredited by and member of the “Société Française des Evaluateurs” (SFEV)

Assistance in litigation

Our experts helps you to simplify complex issues and can provide assistance in areas such as:
– Financial and operating loss assessment in commercial or civil disputes (unrealised gain and cost incurred)
– Management, fraud investigation and forensic.
– Implementation of “reps & warranties” clause, earn out calculation
– In such operations Expertea works in a close and perfect cooperation with your team and advisors.